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Yasmine - Models Page - Preview

Yasmine is the cutest girl ever. Blonde, slim. Her small tits and nice nipples are extremely sensitive. And her ass is very firm. And her pussy as always wet. When I was caressing her tits she immediately started flowing, moaning. Making her inner thighs slippery. She told me she loves being fucked doggy or bent over, having a man caressing her breasts, then pinching her nipples. And at the same time feel his dick getting hard... slowly opening her pussy and slowly starts fucking her. She said - "if he pinches my nipples very hard and starts fucking me hard - I cum.... ". This girl wanted to be tied, and used. At two different late afternoons she came to my place. She love being tied in bed all stretched out. And I loved looking at her slim body and her nipples. I tied her bent over standing up, then in bed all naked lying on her stomach pushing her ass up. I also blindfolded her and tied her, then caressed her body with oil, finger fucked her too, then fucked her from behind, then had her lying on her back legs fully spread I fucked her hard and filled her pussy. She told me being tied and fucked was a new nice feeling. Just relaxing and being used!

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Video Yasmine tied bent over

It's late one evening. Yasmine came over, wanted to be tied, wanted to show me how obedient and submissive she is. She was horny. Had her soon in my bedroom undressed, Just keeping her panties on, her exclusive stay ups and high heels. She lay on my bed making sure to show off her amazing body, wanting to make me horny. I told her to take off her panties, then stand up and bend over the bedpost. I tied her arms and secured the ropes to the bed. From behind she looked lovely, her ass is round and firm and perfectly formed and her small tits have extremely sensitive nipples that get hard. All the time she was smiling knowing I liked what I saw, she knew she was making me hard. I had nice body oil on her ass and breasts and standing behind her close, I caressed her breasts, ass and her now dripping wet pussy. She had her legs slightly spread so I could finger her pussy, caress her inner thighs. Soft and harder finger her now rock hard clitoris and... finger her gspot. She pushed her ass up an moaned. Being caressed, being tied made her extremely excited and horny. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Yasmine tied pantyhose down oily ass

Naked in my bed in exclusive seamless pantyhose! I just had to tie her and have her exposed. I told her I wanted her on her stomach, with a pillow under her stomach so her ass pushed up nicely. Her pantyhose pushed down to her knees, her ass all oily. She loved it, arms tied above her head and obeying all I said. Totally relaxed. Members please enjoy my 29 selected private pics.

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Gallery Yasmine tied naked fully spread

As I had Yasmine all naked in my bed I definitely had to tie her fully spread. She was smiling as I tied her arms then her legs fully apart. She told me she could feel her pussy being wet, dripping wet. When she was tied she was totally relaxed, lying there smiling. Tied by a stranger she had just met. She told me she wanted me to use her, use her body. Members please enjoy my 25 selected private pics.

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Video Yasmine tied pantyhose down oily ass - part 1

Yasmine loves to submit, loved to be tied. Here I tie her arms, she's dressed in just seamless exclusive Wolford pantyhose. I have her lay on her stomach, arms tied and secured to the bedpost. I have the nylons down and expose her lovely ass, have nice body oil all over her round ass, caress her and finger fuck her wet warm pussy. She wants more. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Video Yasmine tied naked in bed fingered clitoris - part 2

I have Yasmine tied naked on her back. Arms tied above her head. Legs tied fully spread. I spray body oil on her body. Slowly caress her, her nipples gets hard, she moans. I slowly finger her slippery wet pussy, her clitoris is hard. Soon she reaches a soft orgasm that makes her body shiver... She wants more. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Video Yasmine tied gets fucked

Yasmine is in bed, naked and horny. She has been masturbating but has not reached orgasm. She desperately needs to be used, fucked. She's in bed at a my place. A man she just met some hours ago. When he went out for some hours she undressed and decided waiting for him. She's a submissive girl and needs to be used. She loves when a man wants her, when he uses her body. The best feeling she knows is to feel a semi hard cock caressing her pussy and then how it gets harder and harder. It almost makes her orgasm, makes her dripping wet. This late afternoon she wants to be fucked hard and have the man shoot his cum deep inside her.

She hears the door open and he enters. She just lays there and spreads her legs. I immediately know what she wants. I take some cloth and tied her arms above her head. She lets me do it to her. I then blindfold her. She decides she will let him do whatever he wants to her. I first have her on her back, I caress her tits and stomach and between her legs. I can feel her pussy is wet and warm. I then has turn on her stomach and caress her back and ass. Then I position myself - still caressing her back and ass - position myself so my cock teases her wet pussy. She can feel how I get harder and soon I push my dick inside her, she moans... she loves it. She pushes her ass up and I fuck her slow and deep. I has her turn around on her back and have her spread her legs, her pussy is fully open. With one stroke I push my hard dick inside her, have her legs come up so I can fuck her deeper. I have the blindfold come off. Slowly I fuck her until she orgasms, screaming. She's a horny submissive horny slut that is being used, fucked. While her orgasm still has her screaming I moans, push my dick deep inside her and fill her pussy with cum. Later she told him the orgasm was the best ever. That I can tie her and use her whenever I want. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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