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Update 02/25 Gallery Kyla tied sitting

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Kyla came over one late afternoon. She had dressed to impress. Tight top, extremely short jeans skirt. No bra! No panties. She smiled as I saw her pussy! I had her sit in the middle of the room. Tied her arms and legs, secured the ropes to the chair. Her skirt came up and her pussy was exposed. I had the top down and loved seeing her massive all natural breasts. She told me she loved showing her body. That she could see that she made me horny. She admitted she was getting wet. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 34 photos - Gallery / photos 2000px in zip file

Update 02/24 Rachel mega update

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Rachel is a woman with big heavy breasts. Her pussy is tight. She wanted to be tied, restrained, blindfolded. Wanted to have her pussy manhandled and wanted to be tied and fucked. She wanted a big load shot deep inside her. She came over to my place couple of times and we played around several hours. She loved being tied. Her favorite was tied spread eagle, legs spread and tied fully spread. She also wanted to be fucked, tied, one time I tied her on her knees doggy on my sofa. She had a short skirt on, no panties, tight top, no bra. I exposed her heavy hanging breasts, had her skirt up and fucked her from behind, shot my load deep inside her. She told me she loved being tied and used. Rachel is one of the most horny girls I've met. She told me she wants to fuck every day and she only fucks strangers. Her favorite pick up trick is to approach strangers in the late afternoon, men that are on their way home from work. Asking them for some advice, pretending she's new in town, that she's staying at a friends place and ask if they now the area, if they know a nice bar or something like that. After talking for a short while with the man she always ask him if it's OK that she admits a secret.... and she then tells the guy that she is horny and wants to be fucked, a quick nice fuck. She makes sure that the guy can see her big nice tits, that her nipples are hard through the fabric of her top. The best catch is a man between 40 and 60 that is married. She told me that she gets lucky every one in three she approaches. So within 30 minutes she has horny man following her to her "friends" apartment. Most men want to do a quick fuck... their wives are expecting them at home. She don't want the man to undress, just open his fly and have his cock out, for her to suck hard.... some times she gets naked, sometimes she just has her skirt come up... she always want the man to shoot his cum deep inside her. Most of the time, she told me, she's so horny she orgasms as soon as she feels the dick in her pussy!


Update 02/24 Gallery Kyla naked at home - tied and restrained with plastic foil

link for Visitors: go to Kyla's preview page

These private pics shows how beautiful Kyla is. Her body is just so sexy. Her blue eyes say - sex - . Some say that Kyla is the most sexy woman, ever. I am more than willing to agree. In these pics she shows you her body more personal that you maybe are used to see Kyla. She is relaxed and you can see she likes to show you her breasts, nipples, ass, and to separate her legs for you. She looked lovely restrained in plastic foil. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 84 photos - Gallery / photos 2000px in zip file

Update 02/19 Gallery Kyla shows her breasts - gets tied

link for Visitors: go to Kyla's preview page

I had Kyla take off her skirt. I love her long legs especially when she wears high heels and only have panties on, and a tight top and no bra. I told her to stand and show me her legs, her ass, loved when she turned her back against me and pushed her ass up. Then had her sit in my staircase and separate her legs and have her top come up. I tied her and secured the rope to the railing. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 42 photos - Gallery / photos 2000px in zip file

Update 02/18 Video Daria tied standing

link for Visitors: go to Daria's preview page

Daria told me that her breasts and nipples are extremely sensitive. I told her to get undressed, still keeping her white sty ups and white high heeled boots. I tied her in the middle of my living room arms tied above her head the rope secured to a wooden beam. Perfect position for me to caress and tease her breasts and nipples. She loved the position, made her totally exposed and vulnerable. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Members: Video 8 min 40 sec - Video 1280x720p / Video 1280x720p zip file

  Update 02/18 Gallery Daria tied standing

link for Visitors: go to Daria's preview page

Having Daria tied naked arms tied the rope secured to the ceiling... what a treat. Just look at her body, perfect breasts and a gorgeous ass. She was totally vulnerable exposed and loved it. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 32 photos - Gallery 2000px -  in zip file 3000px

Update 02/14 Gallery Daria tied in Wolford seamless pantyhose

link for Visitors: go to Daria's preview page

Daria loved this position. Only keeping her Wolford seamless sheer pantyhose on. I first tied her arms above her head, then tied her legs using the same rope, tying her legs spread. As she sat there she said she could feel her pussy getting wet... she was horny. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 16 photos - Gallery 2000px -  in zip file 3000px

Update 02/08 Yasmine mega update

link for Visitors: go to Yasmine's preview page

Yasmine is the cutest girl ever. Blonde, slim. Her small tits and nice nipples are extremely sensitive. And her ass is very firm. And her pussy as always wet. When I was caressing her tits she immediately started flowing, moaning. Making her inner thighs slippery. She told me she loves being fucked doggy or bent over, having a man caressing her breasts, then pinching her nipples. And at the same time feel his dick getting hard... slowly opening her pussy and slowly starts fucking her. She said - "if he pinches my nipples very hard and starts fucking me hard - I cum.... ". This girl wanted to be tied, and used. At two different late afternoons she came to my place. She love being tied in bed all stretched out. And I loved looking at her slim body and her nipples. I tied her bent over standing up, then in bed all naked lying on her stomach pushing her ass up. I also blindfolded her and tied her, then caressed her body with oil, finger fucked her too, then fucked her from behind, then had her lying on her back legs fully spread I fucked her hard and filled her pussy. She told me being tied and fucked was a new nice feeling. Just relaxing and being used!


Update 02/08 Gallery Suzana tied bed nude spread

link for Visitors: go to Suzana's preview page

Naked... tied fully spread! This is the position I like best, so did Suzana. All naked tied arms and legs, the rope secured to the bed. Pussy open. Suzana told me she could feel her pussy getting wet, her clitoris pulsating. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 32 photos - Gallery 2000px -  in zip file 3000px

Update 02/05 Gallery Suzana tied bed pantyhose

link for Visitors: go to Suzana's preview page

Zuzana told me she love stockings... pantyhose. So I had her come over wearing pantyhose. And told her to undress, keep the pantyhose on and go to my bedroom. I had her lay on her back and tied her arms and legs. Had her ingering her pussy, had the pantyhose down so she showed off her wet warm pussy. Loved seeing her laying totally relaxed fingering her sensitive clitoris. She told me she loved it, wearing exclusive pantyhose made her feel sensual an horny Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 34 photos - Gallery 2000px -  in zip file 3000px

Update 02/04 Francesca mega update

link for Visitors: go to Francesca's preview page

Francesca is an Italian lady. She's married. A friend of mine introduced us and told me that Francesca loves my sites. As soon as we were alone Francesca told me she is always horny. That her husband once said to her that she is a nymphomaniac and a slut. Her favorite is to make strangers get a hard on. Wanting her! And she loves to be fucked by a stranger, just having him fuck her from behind, fast and hard, maybe in a public place. Or just suck him off. She admitted she had done it several times! To make this happen she loves wearing a short skirt when she walks around doing her town tours, making sure men catch a glimt of her pussy or ass. Best place to meet men, she told me is in a parking garage late afternoon. "Men are always so fucking horny leaving work" she said. She also admitted she loves to obey, to be used. And that she wanted me to tie her and make her orgasm. To use her anyway I wanted. During a couple of meetings I tied her good, and she couldn't get enough of it.


Update 01/28 Shalina mega update

link for Visitors: go to Shalina's preview page

Shalina wanted to experience to be tied and used. She told me she loves being a submissive slutty woman. Loves to please men, tease. Loves when men use her and make her extremely horny. I did notice as we here talking that she was touching herself. Her inner thighs... I don't believe she was aware how she showed off, unaware that she was showing me she was already horny. Even before our afternoon session. We started in the bedroom, have 5 nice videos. Then in the bathroom. As we were playing she got more and more horny. Pussy dripping wet and open and her nipples got rock hard. She after told me being submissive with a stranger she had just met. Being tied licked fucked! She admitted she loved it!


Update 01/26 Gallery Suzana tied bent over

link for Visitors: go to Suzana's preview page

I told Zuzana that I was going to tie her and that she was going to stand bent over having her arms tied so she would be stretched over the table and having both legs tied spread. She asked me... - so my pussy will be exposed from behind?... - I said - yes, your ass and pussy will be exposed and I will have your breasts exposed too. She immediately started standing in the position, legs spread and started to lean over the table. I tied her arms, then each leg to the table legs. She looked so sexy standing there, even with her clothes on. Her short dress was up and showed some of her ass and just didn't cover her pussy. I loved how she was dressed, white stockings and garter belt and sneakers and only a tight dress no panties no bra. I let my hand caress her neck, her breasts through the fabric, then had my hand going up her inner thighs... I could feel she was already wet. Slowly I had her tight dress come up over her ass all the way until her breasts were free. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 29 photos - Gallery 2000px -  in zip file 3000px

Update 01/26 Tina / Teena mega update

link for Visitors: go to Tina's preview page

Wanted to be used, tied. This beautiful woman is actually very shy. She is just growing into being a woman. She's got amazing straight super blond hair. She's tall and slim, her body firm. Her breasts are small, still round and nice to cup your hands under. And when you do... you feel her nipples harden. Pinching them you will hear her moan with pleasure. And it will immediate make her pussy wet. Her pussy is tight and warm and slippery. Her pussy juices will make her inner thighs slippery... Did I mention her legs... her legs are long and slim and lovely. Her ass small, round and super firm. I had her show me her body and had her dress in different sexy outfits. She spent some late afternoons with me in my apartment, nobody knowing where she was, what she was doing, what a stranger, me, was doing to her. She loved it. She told me letting a stranger use her and being obedient was an amazing feeling that made her super horny. She willingly let me tie he in different positions, lick her, fuck her and have her suck my dick. She always wanted more... she said she loved it and she did reach several strong orgasms. Later she emailed me and said she now realises she's a horny bitch!


Update 01/22 Galler Suzana tied on table

link for Visitors: go to Suzana's preview page

The second meeting at my place. Suzan had got it... how iI would love to see her dress. Nice tight tube top, no bra! Short tight jeans skirt. Garte belt and wihte stockings, no panties. And jus some casual sneakers. She looked gorgeous. Now trying some new tying. I hade her sit, then lay on her back on my table. I tied her arms to each leg. Then exposed her breasts and pussy. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

Members: 40 photos - Gallery 2000px -  in zip file 3000px

Update 01/19 Liona mega update

link for Visitors: go to Liona's preview page

This girl is cute, slim, just lovely. Her name is Liana and she loves being submissive. She loves when a man uses her and enjoys her company and body. She loves men, her own age or older. Much older. She told med her puss needs to be bucked, always, and needs to be filled with UCM. The feeling of a man shooting inside her she just love! And the feel when her puss juices and the UCM makes her inner thighs and between the crack of her ass all slipper is a treat to her that she loves. Having to suck dick and swallow is also a teat for her and she gets all happy as long as she also gets fucked hard, licked and reaches orgasm's. She has no problem to orgasm, actually she reaches orgasm just by being penetrated. I had her at my place a couple of afternoons and we played and enjoyed ourselves. She loved being tied! And having to obey.


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