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Veronica emailed me and said the photos and videos on my site made her horny and that she wanted me to tie her. I told her to come to my apartment so I could look at her. Some day later we met. She was lovely and definitely knew how to dress. A tight net top that showed off her large breasts and her nipples were clearly visible, a jeans skirt that barely covered her pussy. Her legs where long and wearing high heels made them look fantastic. I asked her if she likes sex... and she said - I am always wet... have to orgasm several times a day... - "show me" I said - and without hesitation she lay back on my bed, had the skirt come up and took of her panties and spread her legs... her pussy opened and was wet... very wet... I have it all on pics.This woman loves to spread her legs, make men horny (and women)... masturbate and having her breasts and pussy caressed until she reaches orgasm. During several hours I tied her in different position, caressed her body, her big breasts and fingered her pussy.

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Veronica has a woman's body. Long legs, full breasts and a pussy that opens as she spreads her legs, always wet. She loves to be fucked hard. Loves men that use her for their pleasure. Loves to be fucked from behind by several men, one after the other. Each one filling her with cum. We talked about sex and she said she had this fantasy to be fucked tied so she couldn't move, just be fucked. I had her undress in front of me. She took off her skirt and top, she had no panties, no bra. She stood there in only stockings garter belt style and high heels. I had her turn around, her ass is just fantastic, round and firm, I had her bend over and separate her legs so I could see her pussy from behind. I caressed her inner thighs and her pussy, grabbed her pussy in my hand, finger fuck her, she moaned and pushed her ass up more. Her pussy was moist and warm. I then told her to lay down on my sofa on her back . I loved to look at her, have her show off her body. Her pussy was so wet. I then tied her arms, then her legs. She loved the feeling being vulnerably restrained in front of a stranger. Members please enjoy my selected private pics.

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