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Milli Mili Jay - Models Page - Preview

Mili aka Mili Jay is a very cute petite woman. She loves sex and told me she instantly gets dripping wet. Her nipples get rock hard and pointy as soon as she thinks about sex, or just if she is being caressed. She can actually reach orgasm just by having her breasts caressed… her nipples pinched. She has small firm breasts with lovely nipples and her pussy is almost totally shaved. She has the most lovely pussy you have ever seen. I have some nice extreme close ups to show you. During some visits I had her at my place and we played and had some very nice sessions. And I tied her for the first time ever, in different positions. I caressed her, made her wet and horny.

below you have her updates so far

Gallery Milli Mili Jay tied stretched

First meeting. Milli came over. Told me she was nervous... and horny. She had dressed to impress. I cute top, short jeans skirt, cotton panties and white stay ups. Nice shoes too. I had her undress in front of me... slowly she took off her skirt. I then decided to tie her! Tied her nicely stretched on my sofa. Arms tied and the same rope going under the sofa and then tying her legs. She could hardly move at all. I had the top up exposing her lovely firm breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. Her panties could be taken off easily. Just being tied so didin't had to ripe them off :-) All tied she told me she loved it! Members please enjoy my private pics.

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Gallery Milli Mili Jay tied table

Milli came over an early morning. Had her undress, keeping her black stay ups on. Tied her on my kitchen table. Her pussy was totally exposed! Need attention. Members please enjoy my private pics.

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Video Milli Mili Jay tied table

Being tied exposed on my kitchen table was a new experience for Milli. She loved it. Having a stranger admiring her perfect body. Her nipples were rock hard. She told me she could feel her pussy being wet and warm, that her clitoris was pulsating. I used a vibrating dildo and my fingers and teased her lovely pussy. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Milli Mili Jay plastic foil

We had played with ropes. Now I told Milli to get naked and go to my bathroom. I used kitchen plastic foil and had it around her body. Including her arms. I made sure it was strict tight! Her breasts and nipples looked amazing all squeezed. Milli told me she loved the feeling. I then use a scissors and cut the plastic, exposing her breasts, her pussy and ass. She was horny, her pussy wet, her nipples erected. Then had her nude again having her show off her amazing body. Members please enjoy my private pics.

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