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Jennifer emailed me and said she loves my pictures and video clips. And that she also is a long time member. I asked her if she had ever been tied and she answered that she had never been tied but wanted to try it. And that she wanted to be tied naked and being touched like the women at SexySettings. She admitted that she masturbates looking at the pictures. Especially the ones where the women are tied naked, fully spread and being manhandled. In the first email she had attached a nice photo of her face, she looked very cute, so I told her to visit me one afternoon, and that she might be staying for several hours. When she arrived and I opened the door I liked what I saw. She was dressed in a tight top, no bra, short skirt and stay ups. She was definitely dressed as I prefer a woman to dress. Guess she had looked at my site and wanted to impress me. And she did, her smile is nice, and her body just fantastic, firm and curvy, with perfect heavy natural firm D+ sized breasts with very sensitive nipples. Her ass is round and firm and she is partially shaved with a pussy that easily gets wet and as she spreads her legs it opens immediately. She told me she loves having her pussy manhandled. We looked at some pictures on my laptop and very often she pointed and said - I would want to be tied like that woman... and when she saw pictures of women naked, tied spread and manhandled she said - Claude please tied me like that, please.... I had a strong feeling this woman already was wet and even horny. In my mind I went through all positions I would have her in. I got my ropes and told her I would start by tying her bent over, all exposed. Then, during the next 6 hours I tied her again and again, caressed her body, her breasts, nipples, ass and her wet pussy.

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Gallery Jennifer tied bent over

This is the first tying I did to Jennifer. She is dressed in a tight top, no bra, short skirt and stay ups and panties. I have her bend over and tie her arms good, then have the rope to her legs, tying her spread with her ass in the air. I then stand behind her, and have the top come up exposing her large D+ breasts. Then have her skirt come up and, her panties come down. She stands there stretched and can't move. I can caress her breasts, feel her nipples become pointy and hard. I then slowly caress her ass and let my hand glide down between her legs. Her pussy is already wet and open. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Jennifer tied spread legs

I loved having Jennifer at my place, she was horny! I had her undress, tied her sitting down just still wearing exclusive pantyhose and nice shoes. I tied her arm and secured the rope to the chair. Tied her legs fully apart. Her pussy was wet and warm. Her breasts looked amazing. She was totally relaxed, loved being exposed. Loved making me hard! Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Jennifer tied - pussy clitoris fingering

Jennifer had never been tied before. But now she was willing to try everything. I loved her attitude. Always a big smile and all the time asking for more exposed tying. I asked her if she wanted more manhandling - and she immediately said yes - and that she wanted to be manhandled with oil being all naked. I asked her if she liked being tied and if it made her horny - she looked at me and said she loved it and that she could feel how she started to become wet during our first tying when I tied her bent over and touched her pussy from behind. She said she wanted to be tied and have her nipples pinched and her pussy and clitoris caressed. And be finger fucked too. I arranged a table so the light was good, told her to lie down on her back. She was naked and her body smelled so nice from the oil. She stretched and spread her legs immediately. I tied her arms above her head. Had the rope go under the table and tied it to the table legs. Then took two more ropes and tied each leg to the table legs too. She was nicely tied, stretched out and her legs firmly tied fully spread. First I just enjoyed how lovely she looked. Then started by caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She moaned and closed her eyes. She was moving her pelvis slightly and said she felt how wet she was. She said - Claude please touch my pussy, finger fuck me please, please Claude I am so horny. First I caressed her pussy all over, then her clitoris. That made her spread oven more and I saw how her pussy opened. Dripping wet now. I then started finger fuck her. She loved it! moaning! her pussy was now dripping wet and warm. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Jennifer tied on her back - pussy clitoris fingering

It was so nice having lovely Jennifer over at my place. I had her naked, tied on my table. Arms tied, legs tied spread. The ropes secured to the table. Her body was oily. She was horny. Her pussy wet and warm, begging for attention. I gave her breasts some attention, she loved it. Her nipples are extremely sensitive. Then gave her pussy a long teasing fingering. And yes, there are several close ups of her beautiful pussy. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Jennifer tied to a wooden pole - exposed

I wanted to tie Jennifer standing so I could have her exposed and then caress her big breasts with oil. To feel how her nipples harden. She was dressed in a cute yellow top. jeans skirt, panties and white stay ups and high heels. I told her to take the skirt off, she obeyed. Then tied her standing to the pole, hands slightly back so her breasts where fully visible. Standing in front of her I had the top come up. Her large all natural D sized breasts were lovely to admire. Perfectly shaped and so full and heavy. I then had her panties come down and exposed her pussy. She smiled and said she loved the position. I admired her body, then used oil and standing behind her I caressed those big breasts. It was just fantastic. She moaned and said she was wet and horny. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Jennifer tied sofa spreads

Jennifer came over. I had her lay on my sofa. Had her take off her panties, the tight dress up so she lay all exposed. I tied her arms above her head. Then teasing her breasts, nipples, her pussy and her hard clitoris. She looked stunning. Her breasts are all natural, nice size and full and heavy. Her nipples extremely sensitive. She absolutely loved it, submitting to the touching. Totally relaxed! Extremely horny. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Jennifer hogtied

Jennifer is one of the most pleasant women I have ever tied. So easy, always smiling. So when I told her to undress, thinking about tying her naked and hogtied, she did that in front of me without hesitation. Her body is lovely. Her breasts are full heavy D sized with very sensitive nipples, her ass is large and round and her pussy partially shaved. Caressing her breasts and pussy hearing her moan with pleasure was very very nice. During the hours I tied her and touched her she said several times - Claude you make me so horny... yes touch me, pinch my nipples, harder harder, stroke harder on my clitoris, yes, fuck me with more fingers... my pussy loves it... please make me come... fuck I'm so horny, fuck fuck fuck... and then she started shiver and scream and squirt. Every bondage session ended with her having an intense orgasm. Several times she squirted pussy juices all over the place. So during the hours her pussy became more and more wet, dripping wet. She said she loves to fuck and orgasm. And loves to fuck more than any single guy can handle. And she smiled every time we started another tying session as she knew she was probably going to orgasm. I told her to lie down on my bed on her side, tied her arms then had the cloth I used for tying her going down and secured her legs firmly to her arms. She loved it and I had good access to her pussy from behind. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Jennifer tied bed fully spread

Jennifer was so horny. She said she wanted to show me how wet her pussy was. I had her undress, then tied her in my bed on her back, tied her fully spread. Told her to push her pussy up and show me how wet she was. I touched her breasts, had my hand glide down between her legs. Her juices where flowing, I had one finger slowly circulate over her clitoris, she moaned and pushed her pussy against my fingers. She said - Claude, you make me so horny, I need to orgasm, please make me come... make me orgasm, please... Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Jennifer tied spreads

This tying is so nice. Tying each arm to each leg. The woman on her back, exposed, able to spread her legs, bend her knees and draw her legs up and spread even more so her pussy opens. Jennifer was so relaxed when I tied her. She told me I could do whatever I wanted to her. That she wanted to lie and close her eyes and just enjoy. She told me she needed to be fucked. Fucked and at the same time have her clitoris caressed. And her nipples pinched. She said she would easily orgasm. That she loves to have a hard cock inside her to grip around as her orgasm comes closer and closer. That she loves to have a hard cock inside her when she orgasms. And still tied, she wants to be slowly fucked as she orgasms, still having her clitoris caressed until she can feel the man ejaculating deep inside her, most probably she will orgasm again as she is filled with cum. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Jennifer tied between wooden poles

Jennifer asked me if she could be tied by me one evening when I had some friends over. Only men or men and women. She said she wanted to be tied in a dark room where people could go in, close the door and do things to her. If the door was closed the other people had to wait. Maybe, she said, she wanted to be blindfolded too, so she couldn't see who was using her. I told her I had an idea how she could be tied and that I was going to show her. I led her to my bedroom, told her to take of her jeans and panties, but keep the top on. I then tied her, each arm to a wooden pole. Then had the top come up. Said that is would be sensual to let the visitor expose her breasts before using her. In this position she could have one visitor standing in front of her, and one behind her. If a couple the woman could stand in front of her caressing her breasts and kissing her while her man fucks Jennifer from behind. Jennifer said that maybe the ropes should be a little longer so she could also stand on her knees licking a pussy or sucking a cock before being fucked. I told her my friends would like an evening with an extra treat like that. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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