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Elisabeth saw my website after talking to her friend that had just been tied by me. Elisabeth emailed me and said she loved my pics. I slowly, over several emails, convinced her she had to try it herself. As we met first time. She was shy, she blushed, but loved having her skirt come up showing me her lovely legs. I promise you I liked what I saw. We talked about nude photography, erotica, porn and sex. I did introduce her to bondage during some very nice relaxed meetings. I had her nude, oily and spread. Even had her masturbate tied with a vibrating dildo.

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Gallery Elisabeth submits gets tied in bed

Elisabeth is a very nice, shy but at the same time horny girl. She came over, dressed in a cute top, short jeans skirt, panties no bra. She was relaxed. Told me she wanted to experience to be tied. That she loved that we had just met. She told me she felt vulnerable, but at the same time safe. She looked absolutely amazing. Golden blonde hair and a complexion that was perfect, and soft. I had her go into my bedroom. Had her lay down on my bed. Tied her arms. Then had the skirt off, then her top, then her panties. She told me she loved being naked, loved that she saw me admiring her perfect body. I could see her nipples getting hard, and how she willingly, without me telling her, she separated her legs apart. She told me she could feel her pussy getting warm and wet. Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Elisabeth pink latex tape

I love this. When you suggest a kinky shoot to a girl and she says - "yesssss!". It was late one evening. I had Elisabeth in my bathroom. Naked and horny. Made a dress, leaving her lovely breast free, using pink latex tape. She looked absolutely stunning in the "dress". Then tied her arms with the tape, then slowly cut open the dress, ending up with her all naked, arms still tied. This girl is so nice, easy to be with, smiling, always horny! Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Gallery Elisabeth afternoon tied

Elisabeth came over. Cute and horny. Dressed in a nice tight dress, panties, matching bra, high heels. She looked stunningly beautiful. I had her take off the dress, firstly tied her sitting, than standing bent over, ending up tied nude. She told me to obey... taking off her clothes as I told her... then also being submissive and getting tied. Well she told me she loved it! Members please enjoy my selected very private pics.

What I want to give my Members... how to talk to a woman, see what she wants...

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