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Barbie is a cute blonde 18yo girl. She's got lovely long hair, big brown eyes, cute freckles and a body that is too good to be true. Her breasts are just fantastic, big, round, heavy, firm breasts, C size with sensitive nipples. She's got a slim waist line and a round nice ass. Her pussy is partially shaved and very beautiful, wet and firm and she told me she loves being licked, that she can get several orgasms one after the other if she's licked slowly. When she came over, one late afternoon, I loved what I saw, she's absolutely supercute and nice, and seeing her breasts pushing under her tshirt make you want to see her naked immediately. At first she was a little shy, meeting a stranger and knowing I was going to ask her to undress, then tie her, then use her. But when I told her to take her tshirt off she did it without hesitation. Her breast looked fantastic in a white bra. I had her take off her sneakers and socks, her jeans, panties... had her spread her legs for me, then.... to take her bra off. I told her I loved what I saw, that I was going to enjoy her, tie her and use her. She said she wanted to be tied, and that I could do whatever I wanted to her. This girl definitely needed to be tied and fucked. She stayed until late, very late and I tied her in several position all over my apartment, ending up in my bedroom.

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Barbie tied bath

Barbie dropped by. It was a sunny afternoon. She was horny, needed to relax. Wanted to have to obey. I had her take off her clothes. I then tied her arms and secured them above her head. I tied her legs together. Her nipples became immediately erected. She told me she loved being tied. Member please enjoy my selected very private pics.

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Video x 2 Barbie tied naked pussy & clitoris teased to orgasm

I had Barbie standing in front of me. Told her to slowly undress, told her I wanted to see her naked, then tie her, then manhandle her good. She said she wanted to obey me, that I could do whatever I wanted to her. I had her lay down on her back, took my rope and tied her arms above her head, then tied her legs too, then had the two ropes connect so she lay there all stretched, she couldn't move at all, she said she liked it! She said it made her feel safe and vulnerable at the same time, relaxed and aroused, calm and horny, that she could feel her pussy getting wet. I sat down beside her and caressed her breasts, pinched her nipples, then had her separate her legs as far as she could having her legs tied. Her pussy is beautiful and she was wet, very wet. I slowly touched her pussy, finger fucked her slowly and had my finger circle over her clitoris until she screamed and her body was convulsing from her orgasm. Her pussy was flowing making her inner thighs wet, flowing pussy juice down the crack of her ass. Members please enjoy my private video clips.

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Video x 3 Barbie naked in bed naked blindfolded pussy & clitoris teased to orgasm

Barbie is at my place. Sleeping in my bed, all relaxed, all naked... on her back legs slightly spread. I go into the bedroom. I blindfold her. She lays still, willingly lets me do whatever I want to do to her. I start tying her... her arms above her head. Secure her to the bed nicely stretched. Then her legs, tie them spread. She is now breathing heavily. She is horny, needs to orgasm. I can see her nipples getting erected. Her pussy is now open and starts flowing warm slippery pussy juice. I caress her breasts and then finger her pussy. Her clitoris is rock hard and extremely sensitive. Soon she reaches several intense orgasms that make her body shiver. Members please enjoy my private video clips.

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Barbie tied standing

I had Barbie come over one afternoon. She told me nobody knew she was meeting me. And submit! I had her undress, tied her lovely breasts nicely, her arms behind her back, then two ropes on her legs! She couldn't move. I just adore her, innocent looking with amazing brown big eyes and beautiful soft lips. And with her all natural blonde hair she looks like an angel. I have never seen such amazing breasts. So perfectly formed... perfect size! And so so heavy! She told me she loves having them touched. Loves when a man (or woman) caresses them with body oil. Loves when your teasingly touch her extremely sensitive nipples, pinch them. As I stood behind her, caressing her breasts, pinching her hard nipples... I could her moan, feel her body shiver. Her hands were tied behind her back and she teasingly was caressing my rock hard dick in my trousers. Members please enjoy my private video clips.

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