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Amanda is a beautiful woman I introduced to bondage. And, this is the first time she's naked in front of the camera. And she has never been tied before. We started with a nude bondage session in my bathroom. We then changed location to an old factory where I had her undress and tied her good in several very nice positions. She loved every minute and she told me she could feel her pussy getting more and more wet. This is a very personal shoot I am proud to show my members.

what she told me...

These pics are from an afternoon when I had a lovely blonde woman to play with. Her name is Amanda, she is 28 with a slim body, small firm breasts with pointy nipples and a small firm ass. She emailed me and asked if I wanted to tie her. And I did. So we met and talked about her fantasies. She told me that she is a teaser, loves to give men a hard on, wearing very short skirts and most often a tight thin top and no bra, so her nipples are clearly visible. As they look at her she then strokes her nipples through the fabric, pretending she doesn't know they are looking. She told me she loves all kind of men, young or old, thin or large. She needs men she told me, just now she meets as many different men as she can, but she also has a lover, an 18yo that is willing to fuck her whenever she wants. Ofter she uses him during her lunch hour. She works in an office with a strict dress code and always wears a skirt and blouse, and she seldom wears panties, so when they meet for a quick fuck, most often in the garage of her office building. She then gives him a blow job making him hard, then he fuck her hard from behind until he ejaculates inside her. The only problem she said smiling is that during the afternoon her inner thighs are wet from his cum dripping out from her pussy. Still having her pussy all wet, she drives home from work. And she usually fills up her car with gas from different stations along the road. Some station being small and not frequently visited by other customers. So she has established relationships with several station owners. She has them fill up her car. Then they put up the "coming soon" sign, and both go to the garage or back office. There she immediately bends forward and has the skirt come up. The agreement is always the same, no kissing, no fondling, just a fuck, quick and hard until they ejaculate deep inside her. She said she loves the fact that they fuck her already filled with cum pussy not knowing it. Every man always says that she's got the most warm, wet and tight pussy they have ever fucked. Then, late at home she said she undresses and lays on her back, legs spread and feels her pussy, feels the cum inside and slowly masturbates until she orgasm, as she does her pussy squirts cum all over the place.

below you have her updates so far

Gallery Amanda wants to be tied naked

Amanda undressed in the old factory. I started by tying her arms and legs. We were all alone in the abandoned factory. I told her that I was going to tie her in several positions, having her to submit totally. Members please enjoy my 17 selected very private pics.

Members: 17 photos - Gallery / photos 1024px in zip file

Gallery Amanda tied naked secured to a pipe

I made sure Amanda did experience different tying positions, each one giving her a new intense experience. All naked she got tied both arms and legs. I then secured the arms above her head to a pipe. In this position she was totally exposed and could hardly move. Members please enjoy my 58 selected very private pics.

Members: 58 photos - Gallery / photos 1024px in zip file

Gallery Amanda tied bent over tied to machinery

I just love to tie a woman naked and bent over. I had Amanda standing in the middle of the big abandoned factory. Legs tied together. I tied her arms to the heavy machinery on the floor so she was totally secured. Her small firm tits looks cute hanging down with hard erected nipples. And her pussy dripping wet between her legs. Members please enjoy my 26 selected very private pics.

Members: 26 photos - Gallery / photos 1024px in zip file

Gallery Amanda tied - panties down

We went to the waste engine room. Tied her to chains hanging from the ceiling. Exposed her, breasts, ass and pussy. She was then standing legs spread pushing her ass up, her panties down. Members please enjoy my 56 selected very private pics.

Members: 56 photos - Gallery / photos 1024px in zip file

Gallery Amanda tied naked in an old factory

I had her in the big engine room and tied her to chains hanging from the 50 foot ceiling. It was cold and she was freezing, her nipples were hard and pointy. I tied her arms above her head, tied her legs. Standing all tied, restrained, by a stranger, she told me she had never been more excited, horny. That she could feel her clitoris pulsating. Members please enjoy my 40 selected very private pics.

Members: 40 photos - Gallery / photos 1024px in zip file

Gallery Amanda tied naked at home

I had Amanda at my place. She was dressed like a woman in an elegant top and black elegant trousers. I told her to undress and then tied her naked. Her nipples were hard and she told me she was horny. Members please enjoy my 55 selected very private pics.

Members: 55 photos - Gallery / photos 1024px in zip file

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