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Kyla Cole is one of the most beautiful women I have ever meet. She works as a top model and has been a centerfold - the Penthouse Pet, in US edition of Penthouse March 2000. I have for many years admired her beauty and personal appearance. So some months ago I contacted Kyla and asked her if she wanted to appear on claudchristian.com, she answered she would love too, and here she is. We spent some very enjoyable hours in my flat shooting several nice galleries.It was a real treat having this top model in lots of different positions. As you can see she is something special. Her light blue eyes make her presence very intense. And her body is so beautiful. She is a real woman with lovely round ass and fantastic D sized breasts. Please note that these are my personal photos of Kyla. You have never seen her like this. Members please enjoy my private pics of her.

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Gallery Kyla shows me her body - gets tied

I had Kyla take off her skirt. I love her long legs especially when she wears high heels and only have panties on, and a tight top and no bra. I told her to stand and show me her legs, her ass, loved when she turned her back against me and pushed her ass up. Then had her sit in my staircase and separate her legs and have her top come up. I tied her and secured the rope to the railing. Members please enjoy my 50 selected very private pics.


Gallery Kyla in crotshelss pantyhose and high heeled boots - tied

I told Kyla I want to see her naked. In front of me she slowly undressed. First her blouse, then her skirt, she has no panties on, just crotchless pantyhose, then her bra. She willingly showed me her body and separated her legs. It was a treat to then tie her. Members please enjoy my 110 selected very private pics.


Video Kyla naked at home - in plastic foil

These 88 private pics shows how beautiful Kyla is. Her body is just so sexy. Her blue eyes say - sex - . Some say that Kyla is the most sexy woman, ever. I am more than willing to agree. In these pics she shows you her body more personal that you maybe are used to see Kyla. She is relaxed and you can see she likes to show you her breasts, nipples, ass, and to separate her legs for you. She looked lovely restrained in plastic foil. Members please enjoy my 88 selected very private pics.


Gallery undresses shows her body - tied and exposed

This shoot is from late one afternoon. Kyla is dressed in a nice tight top, no bra, a short jeans skirt, no panties and nice shoes. I tell her I want to see her body. Soon she has her top down and shows her breasts, and her skirt up so I can see her pussy. Later I have her naked in only crotchless panties and we play some more. Standing in front of me she looks just fantastic. Having Kyla tied was an amazing feeling and she loved it. Members please enjoy my 52 + 37 selected very private pics.

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Video Kyla undresses to crotchless pantyhose - tied

I just love Kyla's long legs and round firm ass. This afternoon I wanted her in crotchless pantyhose, nothing else. I had her undress in front of me and we played some, first had her on her back on the table, fully exposed, then had her stand and bend over and push her lovely ass up, legs separated. Kyla looked fantasic and vulnerable tied and exposed. Members please enjoy my 89 selected very private pics.


Gallery Kyla naked in bed on late night tied fully spread

In this shoot I have Kyla naked in my bed. She is relaxed and shows me her body, her full breasts and long legs. On her back she separates her legs and her pussy opens. She then shows me how she likes to fuck, doggy. She pushes her ass up and her ass is round and firm. She ends up in bed on her back fully spread, legs spread apart. Members please enjoy my 79 selected very private pics.