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Carla - preview

Carla is a super cute, slightly shy girl. Tall and slim, all natural. Her body reacts intensely to touch, she loves being caressed all over. Having her nipples touched, her neck, back, her inner thighs. All natural, no tattoos, perfect skin. I love her small perky breasts, her small nipples that get hard as you touch or lick them. And her clitoris is extremely sensitive. She loves to masturbate with her fingers. Or even better having a man or woman fingering her, licking her, teasing her clit with a tongue. And, this girl has the tightest, wettest pussy ever. She wanted to experience to submit to a stranger. She wanted to be restrained, and she told me, she needed - wanted - craved to reach orgasms. She came over a couple of times, one late afternoon, and one late night. It was a treat to see how she enjoyed the treatment.

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Gallery Carla cuffed late one night

Got an email one evening, Carla messaging that she was horny. She came over and I had her undress and go into the guest bedroom. Had her put on cuffs and the leather necklaces. Had her showing me her amazing body from every angle, then cuffed her. Member please enjoy my 51 selected very private pics.

Video Carla submits - cuffed blindfolded in plastic foil - dildo inside pussy

I have Carla at my place. She has submitted and wants to experience to be restrained by a stranger. She did already admit - the moment she came - that she is horny, extremely horny. That her pussy is already wet, her nipples and clitoris already stiff and pulsating. I have her naked, on her stomach. Blindfolded, arms and legs cuffed together. And, her body and legs totally wrapped hard in plastic foil. She can hardly move at all. I start by caressing her, ripping open the plastic over her ass and pussy. Use oil and body cream on her ass, slap her ass. Then insert a vibrating dildo inside her wet warm extremely tight pussy so it vibrates on her gspot and also stimulates her clitoris. She starts moaning. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Carla cuffed blindfolded in plastic foil wrap dildo inside pussy

Carla told me submitting and being used. She loved it. Here she is cuffed, blindfolded, and her body in plastic foil wrap. I expose her ass and tease her pussy with a vibrating dildo. The push it deep inside her and let it pulsate until she orgasm. Member please enjoy my 24 selected very private pics.


Video Carla cuffed dildo on clitoris - gets fucked - 1

Carla is cuffed, blindfolded. On her stomach in my bed. I have ripped up the plastic foil around her body, exposed her ass and pussy from behind. She has already been manhandled good with a vibrating dildo. Her pussy is dripping wet and warm, her clitoris and gspot are pulsating. She has totally submitted being used by a stranger. I slowly fuck her from behind, her pussy grabs my dick, she pushes her ass up and against my dick, wanting itI deep inside her. I have her turn around, take off the plastic foil. I use slippery body cream on her tits. Her nipples are rock hard. Then use the vibrating dildo on her clitoris as I slowly push in my dick in her slippery wet pussy. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Carla cuffed dildo on clitoris - gets fucked creampied - 2

On her back, arms cuffed, blindfolded. Willingly letting a stranger fuck her. She is extremely horny, submissive. Her body is sweaty, oily, her nipples rock hard. Her pussy is dripping wet and warm. Her clitoris and gspot pulsating. I slowly fuck her, she moans, her pussy grabs my dick. I fuck her until she orgasms intensely. I shoot my cum deep inside her. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Carla submits - dresses in Wolford

Carla is at my place, just taken a long hot shower. She walks into the bedroom. Finds a dress, pantyhose both Wolford. Also high heels, a leather necklace and a blindfold. Slowly she gets dressed, necklace on and blindfolded, waits. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Video Carla submits - gets exposed

I come home, Carla is waiting. Submissive. I have her stand up. Caress her body, expose her. Use oil on her tits and ass, spank her. Make sure she is totally submissive. Her nipples gets rock hard. Her pussy gets dripping wet. She wants more. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Carla submits - gets cuffed

Carla is in my bedroom, blindfolded, pantyhose down by her knees. I take off her pantyhose. I cuff her arms and legs together. Have her stand up. Then slowly caress her body, her sensitive nipples, fondle her ass and finger fuck her slowly caressing her now hard sensitive clitoris. Her body is oily and sweaty. She is breathing deep long breaths. Her pussy is dripping wet. I make sure she gets extremely horny. She is restrained, blindfolded, naked with a man she has just met. She loved it. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Carla submits - cuffed gets licked to orgasms

Carla just loved submitting. Loved being restrained, naked, blindfolded. This girl has an amazing body with cute small tits with sensitive nipples. A small firm ass and her pussy is soft warm and wet and extremely tight. She admitted she can orgasm just being penetrated, when a hard dick slowly pushes inside her pussy, all the way in... then she can feel her first orgasm make her body shiver. If she then has the dick deep inside her and she can squeeze the dick with her pussy, at the same time as she has her clitoris fingered... Then her orgasm comes and this time makes her scream from an orgasm that makes her pussy squirt. Then she need more. She told me she loves to fuck. I have her here in my bedroom in my bed on her knees. Arms cuffed behind her back, blindfolded. She is sweaty oily and horny from just being manhandled. Standing behind her I caress her body using body oil. Her nipples are rock hard. I caress her pussy. She is open and dripping wet, she moans. I then lay between her legs. My tongue just reaches her pussy lips... her body shivering. She moved down and pushed her pussy against my mouth. I could now lick deep inside her wet pussy, lick her clitoris, suck it. I caressed her breasts and nipples. Sucking and caressing her... soon she was moaning and reaching several intense orgasms. Each one flowing pussy juices in my mouth. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Carla tied fully spread - hot horny - sweaty and oily

Carla was extremely horny. An afternoon in an apartment with a stranger, naked, exposed. I had her lay on her back in my bed. She obeyed willingly spreading her legs. She told me she felt relaxed, secure. I tied her arms and legs spread, secured to the bed. Her pussy open wet and warm. Her nipples extremely sensitive. I then blindfolded her. I then caressed her body with oil, her breasts, nipples. Makes sure not to touch her pussy or her pulsating clitoris. Put a towel under her ass so her pussy opened even more. I took some creamy body oil and put some on her erect nipples. She was now horny as hell. She desperately needed to orgasm. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Carla tied fully spread - pussy licked - dildo on clitoris

Carla is blindfolded, tied naked fully spread. Her nipples rock hard. I slowly lick her wet warm pussy, lick her clitoris suck on it, she moans. I then use a vibratrating egg on her pussy, clitoris. Then push the still vibrating egg inside her pussy so it pulsates on her gspot. Then use a vibrating dildo on her clitoris until her body shivers from several intense orgasms. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Carla tied fully spread - dildo on clitoris - orgasm

Carla is tied fully spread in my bed, naked. Blindfolded. Vibrating egg inside pussy, pulsating on her gspot. I use a vibrating dildo on her clitoris, also finger her extremely sensitive clitoris. She moans, pushes her pussy against the dildo and my fingers. Her orgasms are strong, intense. She is totally relaxed, tied and vulnerable with a stranger she has just met. Members please enjoy this private video clip.