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Nikki aka Nikky Dream - preview

Nikki is a cute shy woman. She admitted first time we met that she is starting experiencing sex, and loves it. And wants to try everything. I promised to have her obey, tie her and use her. What a treat having a horny cute woman like Nikke surrender and just enjoying what happens to her. I knew she need to orgasm, that her orgasms are intensive and that she nearly faints when she cum's. She told me to be prepared for her pussy to get extremely wet. She also told me, asked me, begged me, to caress and pinch her nipples. To lick her pussy and to fuck her as I wanted! I just love her body. Her cute tits have amazing areolas. Her nipples are extremely sensitive and she loves having her breasts caressed both softly but also hard. And she begged me to focus on her gspot and clitoris, both being super sensitive. Having all three, nipples, gspot and clitoris stimulated at the same time was a fantasy she wanted to experience. I told her I was going to tie her, then make her more horny than she had ever been. Then have her orgasm again and again. That I wanted to see her horny as hell. I also promised to enjoy her, and to used and enjoy her body.

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Video Nikki gets tied first time

Nikki came over on late afternoon. First time we met. I knew she wanted to be tied. Wanting to submit to a stranger she had never met. Immediately I had her undress. Take off her high heels, her tight top and jeans hotpants. She had no bra, no panties. Had her keep her nylons on. I loved her breasts, heavy with big areolas. I then had her slowly walk up to my bedroom. From below her big round ass looked lovely. She took on a blindfold, then waited standing in the middle of the bedroom. I tied her arms and legs. Then started caressing her body, using lots of body oil. I caressed her extremely sensitive big nipples. Her inner thighs, then fingered her now dripping wet and warm pussy. Teasing also her hard clitoris. As I caressed her neck and back her body shivered and she was now moaning. Being horny as hell. Not knowing what I would do next to her. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Nikki submits gets tied and blindfolded

Nikki was relaxed. I told her to take off her clothes, keep the stay ups and high heels on. And go to my bedroom. I blindfolded her, tied her and made sure to manhandle her good. I caressed and squeezed her lovely breasts, her nipples wherehard. I love her puffy nipples! I teased her, caressed her inner thighs and fingered her wet warm pussy. She told me after that she loved being tied and loved when I caressed her all over. She admitted being tied made her extremely horny. Members please enjoy my 20 selected very private pics.


Video Nikki tied standing caressed and fingered

I knew Nikki wanted more touching and fingering. She was standing in my bedroom, arms and legs tied. Still wearing her stay ups. Her body was sweaty and oily. Her nipples extremely sensitive from and caressing and pinching. Her ass slipper from oil and sweat. Her pussy warm and dripping wet making her inner thighs slippery. I now started grabbing her harder. Massaging her breasts harder. I could feel her nipples being hard. And her areolas getting extremely puffy. I manhandled her ass good, and spanked her. And of course both finger fucked her pussy and fingering her sensitive clitoris so hard she could hardly stand up. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Nikki tied fully spread - dildo on clitoris - vibrating egg on gspot

I tie Nikki on her back in my bed. Blindfolded, in white nylons. Tie her fully spread. I caress her body with body oil, her nipples get erected and sensitive, she starts breathing heavily. I use a vibrating dildo on her clitoris, she moans. Her pussy is now dripping wet. I leave her for a moment, the dildo still vibrating her pussy. I slowly push a vibrating dildo-egg inside her pussy so it pulsates on her gspot. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Nikki tied fully spread - wet pussy licked sucked clitoris

Nikki is tied fully spread. She has already had several mind blowing orgasms. She needs, wants, more. I tease her pussy, use a vibrating dildo egg inside on her gspot, a vibrating dildo on her clitoris. I lick her wet warm pussy and lick her pussy juices as she again reaches orgasm. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Video Nikki tied fully spread - gets to suck dick

Nikki is sweaty hot and horny. Her nipples are super sensitive, her big areolas are sensitive too. Her pussy is now hot wet and her clitoris is pulsating so is her gspot. In one word - she is HORNY!. The vibrating dildo egg inside her pussy is pulsating on her gspot, the dildo just teasing her clitoris. I know this girl loves to make a man happy and horny. I have her lick and suck my dick. Her mouth and tongue make me hard and horny. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Video Nikki tied totally submits- fucked - cum in mouth

Tied fully spread. Been licked to orgasm, has sucked dick. Now she want to be used and fucked. She wants to submit totally... having a stranger fuck her! I fuck her wet warm nice pussy, her pussy is eager, and grabs my dick. I tease her extremely sensitive hard clitoris with my hard dick. I fuck her and she moans. She is now intensely horny. Her gspot is pulsating. I can feel her pussy getting dripping wet as she reaches orgasm.... I have her suck my dick and shoot my cum inside her mouth. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Nikki in pantyhose tied stretched

One late afternoon. I have Nikki undress, keep her pantyhose on. I tie her on my sofa, secure her arms and legs together, the rope goes under the sofa. So if she struggles she only tighten the ropes. She loved it, her pussy became warm and wet. Members please enjoy my 23 selected very private pics.

Gallery Nikki in pantyhose tied - cut open nylons

Nikki is tied nicely stretched. I have cut open her nylons, exposing her pussy. I have a vibrating dildo teasing her pussy lips, then have it vibrating on her sensitive pussy. Being restrained and clitoris stimulated makes her extremely horny. Members please enjoy my 17 selected very private pics.

Video Nikki tied stretched - cut open pantyhose dildo stimulation

Nikki wanted to be tied, first time ever. I had her naked in only pantyhose. Tied her on her back on my sofa. Arms tied, legs tied. The rope connected under the sofa so she could hardly move. I had her blindfolded. Used oil on her breasts, caressed her tits and pinched her nipples. I put a vibrating dildo inside her nylons, on her pussy. She loves it. More oil, more tits caressing. I then cut open the nylons and use the dildo on her pussy and clitoris, she moans and loves it. I then slowly push the dildo inside her making sure it vibrates hard on her gspot. Her pussy grabs the dildo hard. She is now so fucking horny! Members please enjoy this private video clip.