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Dominica Phoenix - preview

Dominica wanted to be submissive - to obey - to be restrained and used

I had Dominica at my place a couple of times. She wanted to experience the feeling of submitting to a stranger. Also she wanted to be restrained, and used. The first thing she told me when we met was that she needs to orgasm, often, again and again. She told me her nipples and clitoris is extremely sensitive, all the time. And than she is always! dripping wet. This girl is very nice, easy to be with. And I could tell that she loves sex. Her body shivered as I caressed her neck, her back. And her nipples became erected immediately. First time my fingers caressed her clitoris she was already slippery and wet. Soon her inner thighs became slippery and her ass too. One nice treat was to have her restrained and slowly licking her to orgasm. She afterwards admitted the orgasm just kept coming again and again as I licked her pussy, sucking and licking her clitoris. Having her tied, fucking her tight warm wet pussy was so fucking hot. I could feel her pussy squeezing my dick. The best was that after being tied, cuffed, licked, fucked - she wanted more.

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Gallery Dominica cuffed arms and legs

Dressed in a super tight dress, pantyhose and high heels. Dominica wants to submit. I have cuffed both her arms and legs. She loves it. Members please enjoy my 16 selected very private pics.

Gallery Dominica cuffed arms and legs - exposed - full gallery

Dominica told me first time we met that she loves to make men and also women horny, wanting her. She loves to get naked first time and see the reaction in a man's or woman's eyes. See how they admire her body, when they see how horny she is. Obeying a stranger (man or woman) is so exciting she told me. And she gets dripping wet immediately and her nipples harden and start pulsating. Same happens to her clitoris and her gspot. Having this lovely extremely horny woman cuffed was a treat. I took off her tight dress, had her pantyhose down and had her standing in front of me showing off her body. I loved watching her, knowing she was expecting to be touched, licked, used, fucked... while being restrained.... Cuffed, first blindfolded, then without. She was standing exposed and looking just stunning. Members please enjoy my 57 selected very private pics.


Video Dominica cuffed gets manhandled - part 1 & 2

This is from our first session. Dominica is at my place one afternoon. She told me to use her, that she wanted to be submissive and obey. I had her dress in exclusive black pantyhose. A super tight shaping exclusive tube dress, and high heels. No bra, no panties. I blindfolded her, had her cuffed arms and legs. Had her standing and waiting. Standing behind her I slowly started caressing her body. Slowly caressed her neck and back. And then all over her body, her nipples through the fabric. Her body shivered. I then exposed her breasts and her ass. The nylons looked lovely. I had the dress off, used oil on her body, all over, her tits, on her nylons, inside the nylons on her ass and pussy. Then had the nylons come down and fingered her ass pushing a finger deep inside, at the same time fingering her clitoris and finger fucking her pussy. Her body was shivering, I held her hard, pushed her body against mine. Fingered her clitoris and manhandling her breasts hard. She was now horny as hell. Breathing heavily, moaning. She needed more! Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Dominica is cuffed, blindfolded. Her pantyhose is down exposing her ass and hot dripping wet pussy. Her nipples are erected and sensitive. Her clitoris extremely sensitive. I stand behind her, now she needs to orgasm. I tease her nipples, caress her breasts. Press her against me, on hand fondling, manhandling her breasts, the other finger fucking her and stimulating her clitoris. She pushes her ass against me and feels how hard she makes me. I finger her hard until she shivers, hardly can stand, and reaches several intense orgasms, one after the other. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Dominica cuffed & tied in bed - waits

I have Dominica in my bed. She's blindfolded, arms and legs cuffed together... and she's tied arms and legs so she is stretched, she can hardly move. She's waiting, she wants to be used, knows, hopes I will use her. Members please enjoy my 13 selected very private pics.


Video Dominica cuffed bed - part 1

Dominica one late evening at my place. Cuffed arms and legs. In black pantyhose / tights. Blindfolded. Relaxed even if she¨s with a stranger. Definitely very horny. I rip open her pantyhose, caress her ass, inner thighs, her wet warm pussy. Teaser her pussy and clitoris with a vibrating dildo... then have her turn on her back. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Dominica cuffed bed - part 2

I have Dominica turn on her back, still cuffed arms and legs, still blindfolded. She is warm, sweaty. Her nipples erected. I have oil over her breasts. Also inside under her nylons on her pussy and inner thighs. I then tease her with a vibrating dildo, on her pantyhose, on her nylons on to her clitoris. I then put the dildo inside the nylons, on her pussy. She moans. I rip open her nylons, exposing her wet inner thighs. I leave enough nylons to keep the dildo on her pussy, vibrating. She is moaning, moving her legs and ass around so the dildo can do it's vibrating stuff all over her pussy and also stimulating her sensitive clitoris. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Dominica cuffed bed - part 3

Dominica is cuffed in ripped/cut open pantyhose, dildo inside just vibrating on her clitoris. I cut open more, exposing her warm wet pussy. I tease her clitoris with a remotely controlled egg. Then slowly insert the egg inside her pussy making sure it vibrates on her gspot. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Video Dominica cuffed - licked to several intense screaming orgasms

Cuffed and blindfolded. A vibrating egg inside her pussy pulsating on her gspot. Dominica is hot, sweaty. I slowly lick her warm wet pussy, sucking and licking her clitoris. I tease her pussy tungue fucking her. I make her orgasm again and again. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Video Dominica cuffed - sucks dick - gets fucked - orgasms hard

Dominica was horny as hell. Blindfolded and cuffed, in cut open pantyhose. She had already had several intense mind blowing orgasm from being licked and different dildos stimulating her clitoris and gspot. I fingered her clit and used a vibrating dildo on her hard sensitive clitoris... All the time she had a vibrating dildo egg inside her pussy pulsating on her gspot... she reached orgasm after orgasm. Had her suck my dick and her warm mouths sucked me... and this woman can suck! And loves it. As she sucked my dick the dildo egg pulsated on her gspot, I fingered her clitoris and also had a vibrating dildo on her gspot. I then fucked her, first still with the dildo egg inside her pussy that stimulated her gspot and also my dick as I fucked her. Then had the egg out... And fucked her good, again vibrating dildo on her clitoris. I shot my load over her face and body. I used the slippery cum and caressed her breasts and erected nipples. Then fucked her again until she reached again orgasm! And I shot my second load deep inside her dripping wet warm pussy. This was one of the best fucks ever! for both of us! Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Dominica Cuffed - arms cuffed and secured to bed - exposed and after being fucked

Here she is. Before and after being fucked. Cut open pantyhose, horny as hell. Nipples erected. Her pussy dripping wet. Still horny! Members please enjoy my 40 selected very private pics.


Bonus video clip - camera 2 - cuffed in bed - video 1280x720p - 24 minutes - in zip file