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Kyla Cole - exposed and tied - 357 photo

Kyla Cole is one of the most beautiful women I have ever meet. She works as a top model and has been a centerfold - the Penthouse Pet, in US edition of Penthouse March 2000. I have for many years admired her beauty and personal appearance. We spent some very enjoyable meetings in my flat shooting several nice galleries.It was a real treat having this top model in lots of different positions. As you can see she is something special. Her deep blue eyes make her presence very intense. And her body is so beautiful. She is a real woman with lovely round ass and fantastic D sized breasts and her pussy is hairy and trimmed. Please note that these are my personal photos of Kyla. You have never seen her like this. Members please enjoy my private pics of her.

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Gallery Kyla tied in lingerie

This evening Kyla was dressed in a white top that stretched nicely over her breasts, no bra, short jeans skirt, no panties and old fashioned garter belt and stockings and high heels. She wanted to show her body. Slowly she took off her top, then her skirt. Slowly she exposed her body, she leaned back so I could see her all naked. Her waist is slim, her breasts nice D size and her legs looked lovely in the stockings. I then used my ropes, tied her arms, then I tied her legs separated showing her hairy pussy. She sat there. Only dressed in garter belt and stockings and high heels. She leaned back and her big breasts looked fantastic. Her knees where still together. I told her I wanted to see her pussy.Told her to separate her legs for me. Slowly, slowly she separated her knees. Sat there tied fully spread. Leaned back, tied fully spread her pussy exposed. Members please enjoy my 86 selected very private pics.


Gallery Kyla oily with big breasts

Kyla was in the bathroom and I just had to join her with my camera. She was naked and I had her use lots of oil on her lovely D sized breasts. I had her caress her breasts and put her hands under them, lifting them up. Members please enjoy my 30 selected very private pics.



Gallery Kyla naked tied in bed

I know this gallery is a dream come true for all Kyla fans. One late evening she was laying in bed. She was naked and very relaxed. I stood in the doorway and looked at her and knew I just had to have her tied. I fetched my camera and my ropes. Told her she was going to be tied laying on her back, arms tied to the bedpost. She played with the ropes and smiled. I then tied her arms so she was nicely restrained. She said she loved the feeling, being naked and tied. helplessly tied and exposed. More exposed than she have ever been. Members please enjoy my 74 selected very private pics.


Gallery Kyla tied gets undressed and exposed

In this private gallery Kyla is dressed in a tight top, no bra, short jeans skirt, pink garter belt, pink stockings and high heels. I tie her arms above her head. Then have the top come down exposing her large breasts. I then take it off, then take her skirt off. She is now standing there in only garter belt, stockings and high heels. I have her turn around and show me every inch of her body. Members please enjoy my 78 selected very private pics.


Gallery Kyla naked

I wanted to capture Kyla's beauty. So I told her to undress and just relax. These pics are very nice, very private. I liked having her not doing any pro positions, just having her very personal and private. These 50 pics of Kyla are for all Kyla fans out there. I guess you have never seen pics like this of her. Her eyes and smile make you melt. And her body... Members please enjoy my 50 selected private pics.


Gallery Kyla naked and hogtied

This is from a private session. Kyla is naked in my bed. I hogtie her nicely stretched. Having a Centerfold Pet naked and hogtied in bed is a treat, believe me. Being tied is a new experience for her. Normally she is an open and strong woman and being tied and submissive is something completely new. And she loves it. Members please enjoy my 14 selected very private pics.


Gallery Kyla naked and tied

Kyla Cole is naked and tied. This gallery is nice, very nice. I told her to undress. And did I admire her full body! Kyla is a Woman in every inch. I used one long rope to tie her. Started with her breasts. The rope then around her breasts. Then her arms on her back. Then had the rope go down and tied her knees together firmly, then just above her feet. Members please enjoy my 25 selected very private pics.