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Bailey - preview

Bailey is a slim lovely girl and she desperately wanted to be tied. I had some nice afternoons with her when she came over without anybody knowing. She told me needs to relax, that she loves be used, not having to think, just giving pleasure and experiencing full pleasure and lots of orgasms. She admitted she loves to swallow. The feeling of a man shooting in her mouth makes her orgasm. And now, she wanted to experience to be used and tied, by a stranger... At first she was slightly shy. But as she got naked and saw that I liked her body and that she made me horny she got all relaxed, and started touching her body, caressing her nipples and her pussy. She said her pussy needs to be fucked every day and that she loves to have strangers fuck her. And now she wanted to be tied...

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Gallery Bailey tied sucks dick

When I came home Bailey was waiting in my bed. She had found my ropes and lay there relaxed and horny. I blindfolded her tied her arms, undressed her. I touched her body with oil and body cream, had her panties off and licked her to orgasm... she the sucked my dick, this girl loves to be used... these are actual screen caps from the video... Members please enjoy my 52 selected very private pics.

Video Bailey tied sucks dick

Bailey is tied. She's blindfolded. She has her tits and inner thighs and pussy caressed with body cream. She the wants to have a dick in her mouth. She sucks slowly, she loves it. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Bailey tied gets licked

When I came home Bailey was waiting in my bed, playing with the ropes. She lay there relaxed in a tight top, pinkish panties, white garter belt and white stockings. I knew this girl was horny, as she always is. I blindfolded her, took off her top, then tied her arms. Had her lie on her back spreading her legs. I wanted to make her even more horny, making her pussy dripping wet... I knew she later wanted to be tied and fucked.... I started having oil and body cream on her tits, inner thighs and slowly started caressing her body. I the took a vibrating egg and put it in her panties just on her clitoris and had it stimulate her as I continued touching her. I then had her panties off and slowly licked her warm pussy until she became dripping wet, pussy juice flowing and making her pussy wet and dripping down the crack of her ass. She was now ready for more! Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Bailey tied blindfolded with dildo inside panties just on clitoris

When I told Bailey to come to my place... and that I was going to tie her... she said she would want too... also want to be used, that she needs to orgasm. Here she is one afternoon. I have her take off her top. I tie her arms and blindfolded her. Then put a remote controlled vibrating egg just on her clitoris. As the egg vibrated, her body shivered, she was moaning and her pussy was flowing to dripping wet. Members please enjoy my 42 selected very private pics.

Gallery Bailey tied and fucked

Mika in tied spread in my bed. Pantyhose on, no panties. Arms tied above her head, legs tied fully spread, ropes secured to the bed. It's late on night, she is totally relaxed, horny. Member please enjoy my 48 selected very private pics.


Video Bailey tied and fucked

I have Bailey in my bed, arms tied and she's blindfolded. She's got on white stockings and white garter belt. I have her lay on her stomach. I tied together her legs. Then have oil on her round firm ass, on her back, between her legs making her inner thighs all slippery. I then slowly fuck her from behind and shoot cum deep inside her. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Bailey tied to be fucked

Bailey loved being blindfolded and tied, not knowing what would happen to her next. Here she is tied in my bed arms and legs tied. She has a vibrating egg in her dripping wet warm tight pussy. She know she will be fucked. Members please enjoy my 24 selected very private pics.


Gallery Bailey tied mouth fucked

It's late a sunny afternoon. I had Bailey to undress, keep her pantyhose on. In my bed, on plastic I tied her and blindfolded her. Then had oil all over her body. On her pantyhose, inside her pantyhose on her inner thighs, on her legs and pussy. Then manhandled her nicely, hard... then had her give me a nice blow jobs still tied. She told me she loved being tied and used! ... these are actual screen caps from the video... Members please enjoy my 40 selected very private pics.


Video Bailey tied mouth fucking

I had Bailey tied in my bed, on a large black plastic sheet. Tied her arms above her head, secured to the bed, using the same long rope to secure her legs fully spread too. Blindfolded her. I was a nice afternoon and she had taken some hours off. Not telling anyone what she was going to do. As she was lying there I could see her nipples being rock hard. I started by having lots of oil on her breasts and on her pantyhose, then lots of body cream. I caressed her breasts, her legs, inner thighs and pussy through the fabric. Then more oil. Had my hands under her pantyhose touching her wet warm, now dripping wet, pussy.Then had a vibrating egg inside her pantyhose, just on her clitoris and that really made her pussy flowing... I knew she wanted to be used! I sat over her and had her suck my dick, slowly, then fucked her mouth, had her keep her lips around my dick as I shot my cum in her mouth, she swallowed it all, I know she loves to swallow... After she told me she had an orgasm at the same time as she felt my cum in her mouth... Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Bailey tied in exclusive pantyhose and high heeled boots

Bailey all relaxed. In exclusive pantyhose and hot high heeled boots. I have her tied, arms. She willingly spread her legs showing off how horny she is, how submissive. Members please enjoy my 31 selected very private pics.