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Ashley - preview

Ashley wanted to submit, wanted to be used. This mature woman is extremely horny. She loves to make men cum. Loves to get a warm load deep inside her pussy, or mouth. Friends that know her told me she wants to be called a horny slut. We met at my place one late afternoon. She was nicely dressed, and in pantyhose. No panties as she know that is how I like a woman to dress. First she was nervous and reserved. Being with a stranger she knew would tie her and use her. We talked first, and after a while she admitted she needed, wanted to have me tie her, fuck her. She also told me she wanted to suck my dick. She said "please use me, tie me, please I want to suck your dick... please fuck me... I am a slut fill me with cum... please... ".

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Gallery Ashley gets tied first time

Ashley wanted to be tied,, first time. I tied her on her back on my sofa, arms tied and secured behind her head. She ended up blindfolded and her pantyhose ripped open. Her pussy was wet and warm, her clitoris pulsating. Members please enjoy my 35 selected very private pics.

Video Ashley submits gets tied blindfolded cut open pantyhose - spreads

After talking some I had her take off the dress and lay on my sofa. She lay there waiting. I had her take off her bra. Then tied her arms, blindfolded her. I could see her nipples getting hard and erected. I had body oil on her breasts and gave her a good breast manhandling, also pinching her sensitive nipples. I then cut open her pantyhose, exposing her now open warm wet pussy. I had her spread and used a vibrating dildo on her clitoris and inside her slippery pussy. She was now breathing heavily, getting fucking horny. I continued teasing her body, pussy and clitoris and breasts... I wanted her extremely horny but not allowing her have an orgasm, not yet. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Ashley tied doggy has to suck dick

Ashley is tied, has to stand doggy. Her pantyhose is already cut open. She is blindfolded. I expose her ass and pussy even more. Her legs are slightly spread, she pushes her ass up and opens her pussy. She is very very horny. I caress her ass, her hanging breasts, pinch her sensitive nipples. I then have her suck my dick. She loves it and suck me very nicely. Takes all the dick inside her wet warm mouth. Suck me... it feels fucking nice! Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Ashley tied doggy cut open pantyhose

Ashley loved showing me how submissive she is. This mature lovely woman loves sex, loves when a man uses her. She told me she orgasms when she feels a man shooting inside her. And the feeling is fantastic, she told me, to grab his dick with her pussy and squeeze all cum out and into her pussy. Standing doggy, arms tied and blindfolded made her horny, knowing I was going to fuck her and shoot inside her. Members please enjoy my 39 selected very private pics.


Video Ashley tied doggy - gets fucked

Ashley has her arms tied, she is blindfolded. Her pantyhose is ripped open exposing her ass and pussy. Her breasts hang down. She is extremely horny, her nipples are erected, her pussy warm and dripping wet. I stand behind her and slowly fuck her tight pussy. She pushes her ass up, wanting my dick deep inside her. I fuck her and can feel her orgasms as her pussy each time grabs my dick. I shoot my load deep inside her. She told me... being tied first time and used, fucked by a stranger and cream pied was a nice new exciting experience, she loved it! Members please enjoy this private video clip.