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Nedra - preview

Nedra is a classy woman. She's got the natural beauty of a real woman. You can tell this woman knows she's beautiful, men fall in love with her, women fall in love with her. And still she's very relaxed, even shy. You feel good in her company, you want to have her beside you. I met her a couple of times in my apartment. A friend of mine introduced her to me. My friend (a woman) told me Nedra is very shy but at the same time always wants to show her body, not having a bra under a tight top or even be naked, not using panties. And always topless on the beach! I also knew that she is submissive and loves to be told what to do, and that she always obeys. I knew I wanted to tied this woman!!! As soon as she came she asked me if I minded she's getting naked... not waiting for my answer she then took off her clothes and walked around naked. She said she loves the feeling, being naked... and having a man admire her body. A stranger! And! she told me... "I am always horny...". We played around a lot, a couple of afternoons, used nice stay ups and stockings with garter belt. And I always ended up tying her naked and her pussy was all the time dripping wet.

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Gallery Nedra tied standing

I had Nedra to take off her golden dress and stand in front of me all exposed. She had only on golden garter belt and elegant old fashioned stockings and elegant high heels. I tied her arms above her head and told her to turn around and show me her body from all angles. Her tits are perfect, with sensitive lovely nipples. Her ass is round and firm and her pussy is tight and always wet. This girl is shy but she admitted to me that she loves sex, loves to fuck, loves to be fucked hard. And she loves to obey,, and does everything the man wants her to do! Members please enjoy my 36 selected private pics.

Video Nedra tied standing

Nedra was dressed in an elegant golden dress. It was a late afternoon, this woman was out being nasty. Away from home, away from her husband. I told her to show me her body, and she did, slowly, in front of me. As she covered her body with the dress again I said - Stop! I will tie you now!!! I had her take her dress off, she was lovely, wearing only golden garter belt and nice old fashioned stockings and high heels. I tied her arms above her head. Told her to show me her naked body from every angle, she did. This woman has cute firm tits and a round big womanly ass. Her skin is so soft and sensitive. As she was tied her submissive part came out, and she started saying things like - Claude, please use me... use me like the slut I am... I'm a whore that loves cock... fuck me please... fill my pussy with cum... Later she admitted that she loves to fuck hard. That she lets strangers fuck her. She always wears a dress or a shirt, never panties, so she can have men fuck her easily... quick fucks with strangers. She said she loves to have them shoot their cum deep in her pussy, then lick their cocks clean like a good whore. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Nedra tied in pink

This early evening Nedra had dressed in a pink tube dress, garter belt and stockings... no bra, no panties... Her slim lovely body looked amazing in the tight dress. She sat and had her dress come up, showed me her soft inner thighs and her shaven tight pussy. I told her to show me her tits, lovely firm tits! I took my rope and tied her arms above her head and told her to stretch her legs and separate them! And she did, this married woman is very submissive and loves to obey. She's so elegant, so beautiful that people look at her... and what I like is that they don't realize that she's a horny bitch and that her inner thighs are wet with cum from her being fucked hard, she just had to bend over and have her dress come up and was fucked and filled. And they don't know that she after the fucking sucked the cock clean swallowing the rest of the cum dripping. And they don't know that when she gets home, preferably with a stranger like me, that she goes down on her knees and begs to be tied, used and fucked hard again and again. Members please enjoy my 73 selected private pics.


Video Nedra tied and exposed

Nedra has her arms tied above her head. Her exclusive pink tube dress no longer cover her breasts, ass and pussy. This exclusive married woman loved being tied. She loves meeting strangers and willingly let them use her. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Nedra tied in exclusive stay ups

Nedra is waiting in bed. She has found the ropes and it's obvious what she wants. To be tied! I tie her arms and secure her to the bedpost. I have her show me her body. I can see that she's horny. She shows her perfect breasts, then her leg and pushes her ass up. Her pussy is visible from behind between her legs. Members please enjoy my 28 selected private pics.


Video Nedra submits gets tied

It's late on afternoon. Nedra and I are in the apartment, playing. She's naked, wearing only very exclusive stay ups. She's in bed. Arms tied above her head. She stretches out, turn her body and let me see her from every angle. I love her round firm ass, her long legs, her white soft inner thighs, her wet warm pussy and her lovely breasts with nipples that are rock hard. She told me later that being tied made her very horny. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Nedra tied in bed spread legs

Late late one evening, night. I have Nedra all tied up. Arms tied above her head. Legs tied spread. she's got on expensive stay ups, nothing else. She wants to be used. Italian married high class woman in Venice tied to be used, fucked. This woman is beautiful, lovely eyes, lovely lips. And a body that craves to be touched. A pussy that craves to be fucked. And this woman loves being tied and being used. She told me she loves being a horny slut! Members please enjoy my 64 selected very private pics.

Video Nedra tied spread

Nedra is here tied hard, it's late afternoon. Nobody knows she's at my place. She's horny. I have tied her in my bed, arms above her head and her lags fully spread. She's got on very exclusive stay ups. She's so fucking horny she moves around her body pushing her pussy up, wanting to be touched, fucked, used. This elegant beautiful classy woman is a horny slut! Members please enjoy this private video clip.