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Jasmine - preview

Jasmine is just so beautiful. A tall slim woman. And she's horny. I played with her some late afternoons and some late nights. She loved dressing up in nylons. Loved being tied in different positions, also fully naked. Later she told me her favorite was being tied fully spread, naked. Feeling her pussy being fully open, getting more and more wet. She said being tied made her feeling relaxed, just letting things happen, letting the man, in this case a stranger she had just met, tying her.

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Video Jasmine tied in nylons - vibrating egg in pussy - part 1 & 2

Jasmine is dressed in a tight dress and pantyhose and high heels. I have her lay on her back, blindfold her, tie her fully spread. Her pussy is already wet. I expose her fully. Then have a vibrating egg inside her pantyhose just inside her pussy so it vibrates nicely on her clitoris too. I use the remote trying different vibrating modes and she loves it and orgasms. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Jasmine tied spread in nylons

Jasmine loves wearing nylons, exclusive nylons. These pantyhose are just so nice, and her legs and ass looks lovely in them. This girl has long nice slim legs and a nice firm ass. I had her lay on my bed, blindfolded her and tied her fully spread. She told me she could feel her pussy getting wet. Members please enjoy my 84 selected private pics.

Jasmine tied late one night

Jasmine is in my bedroom. She's naked only wearing short stockings and high heels. It's late one evening, she wants to be used, wants to be tied. I love these video clips as they show how relaxed she is. Being tied the first time, and by a stranger. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Jasmine naked gets hogtied

Jasmine is all naked, waiting. She knows I will tie her, but not how. I have her lay on her side and tie her arms behind her back. Then tie the legs with the same cloth. She can hardly move. She can slightly turn and lay half by half on her back and spreading her legs when I tell her too. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Jasmine naked hogtied loving it

Jasmine was so relaxed. She love having to obey a stranger. Loved showing how horny she is, how submissive she is. It was a treat having her naked and tied. Members please enjoy my 26 selected private pics.


Video Jasmine gets tied fully spread

Jasmine is at my place one late afternoon. She's in my bed, naked. She takes oil and have it all over her body, then slowly touches her body in front of me, slowly masturbating. I then tie her, tie her fully spread, nicely secured to the bed. She can't move, she's tied by a stranger totally restrained, an she loves it. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Jasmine tied spread naked

Jasmine loved being tied naked. I could see her pussy getting wet, open. Her nipples became hard and very sensitive to touch. Being tied and used by a stranger was a fantasy she wanted to experience. And she loved it. She told me being fully restrained, fully exposed made her very very horny. Members please enjoy my 21 selected private pics.

Gallery Jasmine tied naked in small stockings and high heels

This was a treat. Jasmine came over, got naked but kept her small stockings and high heels on. I just love her slim firm body. Her nipples are super sensitive, her ass loves spanking, and her pussy is tight. I tied her with her arms secured to the bedpost. The position of her arms made her breasts look amazing. Members please enjoy my 22 selected private pics.

Gallery Jasmine tied naked fully spread

Jasmine wanted to feel vulnerable. Tied at a strangers place, a stranger she had just met. I had her in my bed and tied her fully spread, secured to the bedposts. She loved it. Members please enjoy my 51 selected private pics.