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New Woman Jenny

Jenny is a cute girl, shy but also extremely horny. She answered and ad in a newspaper, where I was looking for models, amateurs that wanted to be in front of the camera. When she answered I explained to her that the shoot would be a nude shoot and include some tying up. She accepted immediately, and told me she loved being submissive and even loved the idea of being tied up, by a stranger. For this shoot I had a friend of mine help me with the tying so I could concentrate on the photos. This girl is super nice, and have an amazing lovely body. Her breasts are heavy with sensitive pussy nipples. Her ass is round and her pussy, she told me, gets extremely wet when she's horny masturbating or being fucked. Or when she is in her submissive role play and gives a guy a quick blow job. I had her over a couple of times and each time we tried something different, from being tied standing, sitting to tied in bed in different positions, even tied in jeans. She was relaxed being tied, even with two guys she had just met!

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Gallery Jenny in jeans tied submits

Jenny told me being tied made her feel secure. Even being with a stranger, strangers she had just met. Here she is tied nicely. Tied hard arms and legs she can hardly move. Members please enjoy my 17 selected very private pics.



Gallery Jenny gets naked gets tied

Jenny came over and we met for the first time. She knew what was going to happen. That two strangers would tell her to get naked, then tie her good. She slowly undressed and showed off her lovely body. Most amazing is her heavy breasts with sensitive puffy nipples. I had her show off her naked body. Then tied her in different positions in bed, all naked, ending up fully spread. Members please enjoy my 137 selected very private pics.

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Gallery Jenny gets tied x 2

Jenny wanted to try different ways to be tied. We had her over a couple of times and used her, tied her. She loved it. Her nipples became extremely sensitive as she got more and more horny. And she love having to obey. Meeting two men, two strangers, and having them tie her naked. Please remember this girl had answered an ad in a newspaper. And willingly submitted to the tying, and loved it. Members please enjoy my 81 selected very private pics.

81 selected very private pics

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