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Tammy sent me an email - hi Claude, I love your photos, do you want to tie me?... She later sent some photos and I loved what I saw, so soon we met, several times in my apartment, always late afternoons. She wanted to be tied and used. I played her several times, tied,  in several positions. She loved it all. Having her tied and caressing her big heavy tits was very nice, and touching her pussy revealed that she was wet and very very horny. Her pussy was always dripping wet. She said that being tied was so relaxing, not having to think, just to submit and let things happen. She told me about her best sexual experience. That had happened the weekend before. She had met a guy in a club late and followed him home. They guy was in his fifties and was very nice to her. And, when they left the club four of his friends came too, all went to this guys apartment. The all five men where elderly and they told her they wanted to use a woman like her... if she wanted to? They all were nice so Tammy told them that they would try it. She only had one wish - not being gang banged but having sex with the men one after the other. She told me she had never had so many orgasms, never had her pussy filled with so much cum as that night. After a time when she felt more comfortable she told them to be more rough with her, fucking her harder, having her suck semi erected dicks that had just been inside her shooting cum. And, also, they called her a horny bitch, it mae her even more horny. Before leaving the apartment, it was now early morning. She did suck each man and swallow his cum as the others was looking at her naked body. As she was sucking she masturbated in front of the men like a slut. She told me she had loved it!!! And she told me that now she wanted to experience the same thing, being used, fucked... while being tied.

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Gallery Tammy tied standing

Tammy was dressed in a cute tight top that showed off her big heavy breasts, a short skirt and white stay ups. I tied her with her arms above her head, then undressed her, only leaving the stay ups on. She said she loved being tied naked, knowing I would touch her breasts and pussy. That I would use her! I had her turn around and show me her body. I just love her body, her big round ass, her big heavy breasts and her pussy that gets so wet her inner thighs get all wet and slippery. Even the crack of her ass gets wet from pussy juice. Members please enjoy my 39 selected very private pics.

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Video Tammy tied big tits manhandling

Tammy phoned me and asked if she could come over. I had met her the night before at some friends place. I loved her looks, and she smelled so nice! A friend of mine told me I should ask Tammy to visit me, that Tammy was a horny girl, a cute horny girl. And that I probably could use her as I wanted. Here I have her at my place in a nice top, no bra, short skirt, panties, stay ups and nice high heeled shoes. She's a little shy, but when I ask her if she wants to be tied, used she immediately answered "yes" in a shy voice. I tie her arms above her head, I undress her, then start manhandling her... her nice full heavy tits, her round ass and her wet warmpussy... she loved it! Her pussy is dripping and grab my fingers. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Tammy tied sitting exposed

Tammy came over one afternoon. She was horny. I had her take off her skirt and sit down. She had on a tight top and her nipples where nicely visible through the fabric. She knew I prefer a woman without a bra. Nice panties, white stay ups and high heels. I had her sit spread legs and tied her totally exposed. Manhandled her big heavy tits and had a vibrating dildo egg inside her panties just pulsating, vibrating on her hard sensitive clitoris. Members please enjoy my 24 selected very private pics.

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Video Tammy tied - tits manhandled vibrating dildo on clit

Tammy wanted to be tied and having her boobs caressed. She was horny. It was a sunny afternoon. She told me she had some hours when nobody would miss her and that she needed to orgasm. I tied her sitting down, her skirt off. Tied her arms and legs to the chair, legs spread. Had the top come down and standing behind her I caressed her lovely heavy hanging breasts, pinched her sensitive nipples. Then had a vibrating dildo egg inside her pantyhose making it pulsate with the remote control. Soon her body was shivering and she had a strong orgasm that made her pussy dripping wet. She told me she needed more! Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Video Tammy tied bent over

Tammy is the cutest girl ever. She told me that she is extremely horny, all the time. That her pussy is always warm and always dripping wet. The her nipples are always extremely sensitive and that her clit is always hard and always pulsating. Being with her is very nice, she smiles always and is always up to do anything you can think off. And she will always suck your dick or let you fuck her wet pussy. This time I had her at my place and she told me she wanted to submit totally. I had her naked, tied her bent over arms secured to the table, her heavy breasts hang nicely, her nipples touching the table. I had her stand with her legs slightly apart so her pussy was totally visible from behind. Standing behind her I gave her breasts a nice manhandling. Then finger fucked her wet pussy and teased her hard clit. She moaned and her body shivered as I touch her. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Tammy tied bent over

Tammy told me she love to show off her body. Make men, and women want her. Her body is lovely. Big heavy breasts and a big round ass. Her pussy is tight, always wet and warm. She loved standing bent over, totally exposed. I loved how her breasts hang down. Big and heavy. with extremely sensitive nipples. Members please enjoy my 26 selected very private pics.

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Video Tammy tied submits

Tammy told me she loves to totally submits. Just let any man do whatever he wants to do to her. Use her! I had her in my bedroom all naked. I love her body! Her ass is big an round, her breasts big and heavy with amazingly sensitive nipples. And this girl gets wet, dripping wet. When you fuck her she starts pouring pussy juices and her clitoris gets big and hard and sensitive. If you finger her gspot and at the same time rock off her clitoris... then you will hear a woman that screams form being HORNY! and reaching orgasm after orgasm. I told her to lay in my bed, first on her back, had her blindfold herself. Then tied her arms above her head and secured the cloth I used to the bed. I had her waiting what would happen next. I had her turn around on her stomach. I love her ass! I covered her ass with slippery white body cream and gave her a nice ass massage. Then left her waiting again! Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Tammy tied blindfolded

I have Tammy naked and tied in my bed, blindfolded. She knows, hopes that I will use her, fuck her. She has her legs slightly spread. I have put a pillow under her stomach so I have full access to her wet tight warm pussy. Members please enjoy my 9 selected very private pics.

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Video Tammy tied gets fucked

Tammy is tied in my bed, blindfolded, on her stomach. I have just had lots of white body cream on her big round ass manhandled her ass nicely, she loved it. I mount the bed and sit behind her. I caress her dripping wet warm pussy with my hard dick. I slowly push my dick deep inside her tight pussy. Her pussy grabs my dick hard. She is totally still, relaxed, horny and she just concentrate how my dick feels inside her pussy. I then have her turn on her back. Push my dick deep inside her at fuck her. She now moans. I make sure to fuck her deep inside. I take off the blindfold. I can see in her eyes that she is extremely horny. I fuck her and she soon reaches several intense orgasm, her pussy is now pouring slipper pussy juice. I push deep inside her and shoot my cum inside her pussy. I know this girl loves to get sperm inside her pussy. Loves that after her panties get wet reminding her that she has been used, that she has submitted, being tied and fucked by a stranger. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Tammy tied after being fucked

Tammy is tied arms above her head, secured to the bed. She has just been used, fucked. Her pussy is warm and wet filled with cum. Her clitoris still pulsating. She's totally relaxed, this girl loves to be fucked, loves when a man enjoys her body, fucks her. She lays spreading her legs. She loved being submissive, tied, blindfolded and used. Members please enjoy my 12 selected very private pics.

Members: 12 photos - Gallery / photos 2000px in zip file

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