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After some convincing I had Rose coming over to my place. She had emailed me first and said she wanted to try to be tied... that she wanted to feel to be submissive and used. I told her she should try to be tied, having her body touched, being licked, having to give a blow job, then still tied being fucked and having her pussy filled with cum! She came over......... This girl is soft, shy and very nice to be with. She talks with a sensual shy low voice: She takes care of her body. She's got the most lovely all natural body. Soft white un-tanned skin. Small breasts with extremely sensitive nipples. Her pussy looks lovely between her white soft inner thighs, and her ass... small and round.... she loves to have her ass caressed, crabbed hard, even spanked! She came over twice, each time in the afternoon, before she had to go home. We played lots! I had her dress in a crotchless pantyhose, had oil all over her body, licked her, blindfolded her... tied her, had her give me a slow nice blow job while she was tied and blindfolded.... she sucked my dick so nice! ... even took my dick all the way in her warm mouth. She then got licked, then fucked while she was still tied. i filled her pussy with cum! The other time she was over I had her dress in a nice pink outfit, tied her, had her body exposed, then we lay in a nice 69 position, she over me and she sucked me while having her hands tied and I was licking her dripping wet pussy. And yes, she sucked it all up and swallowed. I have a feeling this girl might be back for more tying and fucking! Members enjoy my private pics and videos with Rose.

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Gallery Rose tied in pink dress exposed

Rose has her arms tied. She's dressed in pink skirt, top and pantyhose. I expose her naked body, take off her pantyhose, and tell her to separate her legs fully apart. Members please enjoy my 34 selected very private pics.

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Video Rose tied sucks dick

Rose came over one late afternoon before going home. She was dressed in pink, pink tight top, pink tight short skirt, pantyhose, no bra, no panties. I tied her arms and then had her top come up and exposed her small nice tits, then had the skirt off. I caressed her body, pinched her nipples, caressed her pussy through the fabric of her pantyhose, she was already wet. I then had her pantyhose off. Had her spread her legs and slowly caressed her pussy having one finger circling on her clitoris.... she moaned and I could feel her pussy getting even more wet. I then blindfolded her, then had her stand over me in a 69 position. She immediately started licking my dick and balls. She the sucked my dick slowly. In the end she wanted to have her arms free so she could give me a hard blow job and also wank my dick. As I shot my load in her mouth she had her lips round my dick, and she swallowed it all... and continued licking my dick... All the time she had my tongue deep in her wet warm pussy, her pussy was flowing pussy juice in my mouth... Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Rose in crotchless pantyhose tied spread

I have Rose at my place one afternoon. She's still wearing her crotchless pantyhose. I have tied her on her back, arms behind her head and secured to the bed. Her legs tied fully spread, the ropes secured to the bed. She can hardly move at all. Her body is all oily, her nipples hard and her pussy is wet and warm. It's an intense feeling being vulnerable, all tied, exposed. And by a stranger she has just met. Members please enjoy my 35 selected very private pics.

Members: 35 photos - Gallery / photos 3000px in zip file

Video Rose in crotchless pantyhose tied spread clitoris stimulation

Rose is tied in my bed, arms tied, legs tied fully spread. She is extremely horny. Her nipples are tock hard. Her pussy dripping wet and warm. Her clitoris pulsating. She looks amazing in her crotchless pantyhose that makes her pussy looking very exposed. I start caressing her body, her pussy. The have oil on her pussy, inner thighs, even inside the nylons. Then make sure her pussy and clitoris get nicely touched. Her pussy opens and start dripping even more. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Video Rose tied in bed licked to orgasm

Rose is in my bed, arms tied, in crotchless pantyhose. She's extremely horny, needs to orgasm. I take of her pantyhose. Have more body oil all over her body. I caress her body, her breasts. Finger her wet warm pussy. Caress, tease her clitoris. Between her spread legs I kiss and lick her inner thighs. Then lick her pussy, deep inside, all over. The slowly suck her clitoris until she reaches an orgasm that make her pussy squirt in my mouth, I lick her pussy juices. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Members: Video 12 min - Video 960x540 / Video 960x650 zip file

Video Rose naked tied blindfolded sucks dick

Second meeting... Rose came over one sunny afternoon. She was horny! She immediately undressed and I tied her naked in my bed, arms tied above her head and secured to the bed. I blindfolded her. Her nipples were already hard, her pussy already dripping wet and her clitoris hard and pulsating. She desperately wanted to be used, to submit, to a stranger she hardly know. I have body oil on her breasts and caress her hard nipples. She spreads her legs! I have her suck my thumb. The she has to suck and lick my dick. Licking pre-cum drops sucking the dick, licking. Her mouth is wet and warm and her mouth suck my dick nicely. All the time she is horny as hell but gets no stimulation, no touching, no caressing. Her pulsating clitoris makes her mad and she know desperately need a hard dick in her wet pussy. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Video Rose tied and blindfolded gets fucked

This is from our second meeting. I have Rose in my bed, blindfolded, arms tied. She's horny, her nipples erected, her pussy wet. I slowly fuck her and shoot my cum inside her. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Members: Video 5 min 40 sec - Video 960x540 / Video 960x650 zip file

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