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Nikky - Models Page - Preview

Nikky is just the most lovely cute beautiful woman. She is an extremely sexual woman. I love her slim firm body. Her nipples gets hard and pointy, her pussy opens and gets very very wet. And both her clitoris and gspot are extremely sensitive. She will orgasm if you tease the gspot, clitoris or her nipples. Her orgasms makes her body shiver and her pussy juices to flow. And she will always want more! I had her at my place a couple of afternoons. She totally submitted, obeyed my requests willing. It was a treat tying this cute kitten. Her totally submitting to a stranger she had just met. And, this woman always makes sure to give you immense mind blowing pleasure.

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Video Nikki tied - dildo gspot stimulation to orgasm

Nikky was at my place, waiting. Dressed in a cute tight dress, garter belt and stockings and high heels. She had already positioned herself on my table, playing with the ropes and waiting for me to come home. I immediately knew what she wanted. To be tied and manhandled., she was horny. I started by blindfolding her, then touching her body, she shivered. I then tied her arms, then got her naked keeping the stockings on. I tied her legs separated. Her pussy was wet and open. I had oil all over her body, touched her sensitive skin, had a vibrating dildo in her pussy making sure it stimulated her gspot, also her hard clitoris. She was soon moaning and squirming as the dildo vibrated, pulsated on her g-point. She reaches a long intense orgasm. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Video Nikki crotchless pantyhose tied gspot orgasm

Nikky goes into my bedroom. Dressed in a nice top, hot pants, crotchless pantyhose and high! high heeled boots. She takes off her top and hot pants, sits down and waits. I then blindfold her, have her wear a collar, use cuffs on her legs and arm. I then have her on her stomach and tied fully spread. I then manhandle her ass with oil, her pussy with my fingers and a vibrating dildo deep inside her just on her gspot until she squirms and moans from an intense orgasm. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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