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When Liana emailed me she said - Claude, I want to be tied, will you tie me? And she had attached a pic of her in a bikini. All I saw on the pics was her breasts, fantastic full E sized breasts, the bikini top was struggling keeping the tits, just barely covering her nipples. I told her I'd love to tie her, and here she is. She came to my place and I played with her some nice afternoon hours. This woman is not shy. As she came to my apartment she immediately asked me if I wanted to see her naked, guess what I answered... So in front of me she took of her clothes. She said she wanted me to touch her. She leaned her back against the wall and closed her eyes, separated her legs slightly. I had my hand caressing her inner thighs, grabbed her shaved pussy, finger fucked her, she was wet, she moaned and said she liked it, that she is a horny woman. She said - I fuck as often I can, I need to be fucked every day... I then took her big breasts in my both hands, they are heavy, full breasts. I pinched her nipples and they reacted immediately. I realized that she needed to be tied, that she needed to obey. I enjoyed playing with her and tied her in several nice position. During one of our tying session later, as I had her tied, finger fucking her... she lay horny, dripping wet and told me she loves to orgasm.

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Video Liona tied - rough fingering to orgasms

I have Liana at my place one late evening. She's naked in my bed. Horny. I tie her arms above her head, secure the rope to the bed. I then finger her wet warm pussy hard! She soon reaches two intense orgasms. She loved being submissive and showing me how extremely horny she is. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Liana tied and exposed

I had Liana dressed in a tight top, no bra, short skirt, no panties, stay ups and high heeled boots. I wanted to have her helplessly tied and then to manhandle her to orgasm. So I told her to lay down, she obeyed immediately, smiled and said that I could do whatever I wanted to her. I tied her arms above her head, then her legs, connecting the ropes so she was nicely stretched. Then had her top come up, her skirt too. She lay there, tied, couldn't move, all exposed. She smiled and said she loved it, said she wanted me to use her. and to make her orgasm. She said she fantasied about being tied, sucking cock, being manhandled and then fucked, hard. Members please enjoy my 30 selected very private pics.

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Gallery Liana tied standing

I just had to do a tying of Liana's breasts, full E sized, extremely heavy and with very sensitive nipples. I told her to take off her top and bra in front of me. I tied her breasts, her arms behind her back and her legs. She stood there, her skirt up in ripped open pantyhose and high heels. She told me she wanted to be touched. Standing behind her I caressed her ass, felt her wet pussy between her legs, then caressed her breasts, pinched her nipples. Her hands caressed me. Members please enjoy my 30 selected very private pics.

Members: 30 photos - Gallery / photos 3000px in zip file

Gallery Liana tied bent over

Having tied Liana bent over was a treat, and she loved it. She willingly pushed her ass up so I could finger fuck her tight wet pussy, her moving her ass trying to get my finger deeper inside, moaning, saying she is a horny slut that needs to be fucked, hard and deep. As you fuck this woman her pussy flows with pussy juice making her inner thighs wet. Liana said she wanted me to tie her again and have men, many men fuck her from behind, she said she wanted to feel them cum deep inside her, one after the other, using her. I told her it could be arranged next time. Members please enjoy my 30 selected very private pics.

Members: 30 photos - Gallery / photos 3000px in zip file

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